Theodore Bigby Launches Official Site

Today, I am proud to launch, the website that will be home to all official news related to me, announcements of my future projects and show the kind of work I am doing in the local community.

A Long-standing Project

This website is a project that has been in the pipeline for around two years. Due to time restrictions combined with a lack of knowledge regarding web development, it has been delayed until recently. Only in the last six months has it been possible to seriously attempt to make this a reality. Over the last three years I have built my Web development skills, launching several other projects over that time in both a personal and professional capacity . Some have used my management skills more than anything else, others my copy writing and more recently I’ve combined everything. This website is one of the more recent projects that involve the whole spectrum of my ability.

I conceptualised the design and have revised it several times over the course of the last two years. The version you see today resulted from the need to have a design that was attainable by someone of my ability using html. It is currently missing extra features such as a working library of books for my bookshelf and I would like to be more creative with the garage, but these are things that I will work on over time.

How it Will Work

Designed and written by me, I will also be the author for the majority of updates. On the odd occasion, however, I hope to have others contribute in their areas of expertise or to write news articles at times when they can provide better insight than I could.

The blogs in each section will be written to pass on knowledge, ideas and information I’ve picked up about the relevant subject. There may be times when I have identified someone who has valuable insights to share and on those occasions I may go beyond just quoting from them and invite them to create a guest blog post. I don’t think this will be something that happens in the near future but after a few years, I hope to find writers willing to contribute to this website.

In the news section, I aim to create a professional standard of articles that will help to promote myself, the organisations I work with and the work that I do. Mostly, when the news item is relevant to another part of the site, it will also feature in the news feed of that section. If I were to appear in a musical for example, it would be an interesting news story but not necessarily passing on knowledge about performing in a musical so I could tag the article with ‘arts’ to match the section on this site but not categorise it as ‘arts’. If I felt the article was both newsworthy and provided valuable insight to another section (in this case arts), I would also categorise it as both news and ‘arts’. Other relevant tags will be added to articles based on their content. In general, I think I will always add stories to all relevant categories.

Creating a Useful Resource

Over time, I hope this website will provide valuable information that helps people and organisations to improve. I’m always happy to help out with projects you might have, volunteering at events, public speaking and assistance with marketing.

Please contact me for more information or to submit relevant news stories.

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