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I am a marketing consultant with over five years of experience across multiple sectors and organisation size. Working with small and medium sized companies to grow their business through the power of marketing, I also want to provide marketers just starting out with their career information and insights into the marketing industry to help them have the best start possible.

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Marketing Resources and Inspiration

Welcome to the place experienced practitioners, new marketers and business owners looking to get a grip on marketing come to find the resources that will take their marketing to the next level.

So, how will this website help you get to the next level? I take a candid look at marketing, sharing my views and opinions on the marketing industry to help you make the most of your career.

Valuable Resources

Marketing can be a difficult industry to get into and it’s even harder to master. There is no set entry point and no single path to the top; wherever that is. Over the years I’ve spent in the marketing landscape, I’ve developed some go-to resources that I look at regularly. They keep me on top of the latest developments and provide inspiration.

Books, websites, podcasts, videos, qualifications. There are many things I’ve used over the years and I want to share them with you here. By making use of these resources, you’ll improve as a marketing professional, and if you’re new to marketing or still studying, you won’t need to spend time separating the wheat from the chaff.

Great Ideas

I want to get you to where you want to be to get you where you want to be and one of the most valuable things you can find are ideas from people that have been there before and those that are going through it now. Your first port of call are your peers. Just like your peers, I’m offering a candid view of my experience and what I've learned.

Take advantage of my knowledge, avoid the pitfalls I've faced, get the best out of your career.

IDM graduate

I'm Institute of Direct and Digital Marketing qualified with a diploma in Direct and Digital marketing and a postgraduate diploma in Digital Marketing.

Marketing Career Highlights

Experience in the voluntary sector in education, the SME market and even large international conglomerates like IMI plc, with the IMI Critical brand IMI Truflo Marine.


Professional development network

A voluntary organisation providing assistance to English language teachers, I was primarily responsible for selling learning resources, but my role also involved online as well as offline sales. Playing an important role in the rebranding of the organisation, I spearheaded improvements to the resource section to increase sales and useful content that helped boost search engine rankings.


Software as a Service provider

Established the marketing function for one of the biggest Software as a Service (SaaS) players in the service management industry. After completing a rebrand of the organisation, I created and grew multiple microsites, oversaw several rewrites of their core website, email marketing, social media, PPC and even organising focus groups to develop the software and marketing efforts.

IMI Truflo Marine

Marine and Nuclear engineering

I gained a strong understanding of marketing within a multinational publicly traded company, working a lot more offline with datasheets, market research, bids, tenders and completing the corporate rebrand of Truflo Marine. In terms of digital marketing specifically, I opened up email as a channel for customer engagement and up sell as well as writing press releases for the IMI critical website.

Learn more about IMI Truflo Marine here.

Marketing Consultancy

Work With Me

If you'd like a consultation to deliver growth for your business, or just to have a chat about marketing, drop me a line using the contact form in this section.

I have worked with directors and high-level decision-makers throughout my career to effectively implement marketing from a strategic standpoint. Although I consult on marketing issues, my sales experience includes face-to-face selling and prospecting over the phone. No matter where I've worked, it' been clear that choosing and executing the right strategy is the key to success.