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Helping business leaders get results from Digital Marketing

My experience ranges from non-profits in the third sector on the way to formalising set structures, through to large multi-nationals with established systems and processes.

Graduate of the Institute of Direct and Digital Marketing, I’m fully qualified to design and deliver strategic marketing plans that get results.

From my experience in Lean Project Management environments and formal commercial awareness training, I understand how vital it is for your business to stay ahead in an increasingly competitive market. In fact, there aren’t many industries more fast-paced and compettitive than hospitality.

Currently a freelance advisor working agency side for Future Strategy Club, I provide and implement structured solutions for your business challenges based on my experience of what works. Understanding the strengths and obstacles you have identified, I take an analytical, data driven approach to deliver solutions.

Consulting Solutions

  • Setting up a fully functioning marketing department that supports your company’s growth strategy
  • Implementing ISO compatible processes, giving your business real structure and scalability
  • Improving your current online presence, optimising for search engines and conversions
  • Generating revenue by attracting leads to your website with content and social media activity

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Speaking Highlights

Reaching higher levels of personal and business success: Bay Area Content Marketing Meetup

Podcast covering diversity in business.

Podcast appearance about my life in Japan and cross-cultural exchange, offering insights into its people and culture.

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I can be reached to discuss setting up a plan unique to your business using the contact form below or by telephone on 0121 517 0108.

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Strategic Marketing and Business Process Optimisation

Strategy is my strength; I’ll make it yours too

I deliver projects in the following areas:

  • strategic marketing management
  • integrated marketing campaigns.
  • creating marketing plans
  • website builds

If you’re looking for process management and improvement, I’m able to spot ways you can improve processes in a way that increases efficiency, saves money and allows you to track the results.

All services can be offered in full or you can bring me in to lend an impartial opinion on your current marketing strategy or business process management initiatives.

You’ll love the positive change I can deliver for your business, so get in touch today.

Read more below about situations where I’ve helped various businesses and how that could improve your business.

Establishing Marketing for Small Business

What I’ve done

I established the marketing function for JobLogic, one of the biggest Software as a Service (SaaS) players in the service management industry.

Key accomplishments included:

  • Established marketing systems and processes
  • Completed a re-brand of JobLogic
  • Created and grew multiple microsites
  • Wrote copy for JobLogic’s website twice
  • Email marketing to segmented prospect lists
  • Managed Pay Per Click (PPC) campaigns
  • Organised focus groups to develop JobLogic’s software and marketing
  • Managing online customer feedback groups

What this means for your business

I can help you get a new marketing department off to the best start possible by implementing marketing processes and developing a coherent strategy.

Understanding what your current customers find valuable is the best way to find and satisfy new customers. I can help you to build a customer community, find these important answers and build a marketing strategy that capitalises on this.

Get in touch to have a chat about your vision.

Business Processes Optimisation

What I’ve done

During my time working with IMI Truflo Marine, I oversaw the finalisation of their corporate re-brand, assisting all internal departments to become compliant.

Playing a part in their adoption of lean project management methodology from a branding and tracking perspective, I gained first-hand experience of how important organisation is to strong business growth.

I helped to huide IMI Truflo Marine through a critical transitional period, helping to overcome the challenges of change management and applying new processes in the most streamlined manner.

My work also included building relationships internally and externally within the IMI Critical and IMI plc groups as a whole, contributing to the IMI plc group magazine.

What this means for your business

Because I understand how effective processes are put into place and documented, I can help you achieve the same for your business.

This could be in preparation for ISO accreditation, or refreshing your current processes, allowing your business to scale up.

Combine this with my marketing expertise and I can help you transition to or create a fully process driven marketing department. With a structure for growth and processes set for success, the way you do things at your company can now be taught easily to new hires, tracked and reported.

The power of process optimisation ensures quality for your customers and allows you to scale up your marketing department as the business grows.

Understanding Audiences

What I’ve done

The goal was to get more visitors to the Association for Japan Exchange and Teaching (AJET) website. The key was to understand exactly what their target audience needed and to supply that.

From previous research and work presenting at seminars, I knew members of the association needed

  • resources to use in the classroom;
  • professional development in their current teaching roles and;
  • opportunities to gain experience for future roles in their home countries.

Understanding their unique needs, I was then able to provide AJET’s English teaching professionals with resources they needed to be more effective in the classroom. A clip art repository with images teachers often needed to print for class.

By enlisting current members of AJET to create the content, AJET could also provide extra opportunities for their membership to gain experience for future roles once they’d finished teaching.

The result for AJET was a growing set of linkable assets and an increase in visitors. The high-quality, relevant content increased the number of visitors and kept them on the site longer, reducing bounce rates. The clip art also proved to be useful for link building as other websites would link to the resources, providing long-term SEO benefits for

What this means for your business

I can help you to understand your audience, then come up with a strategy that provides, them with the resources they need.

Time spent on your website will increase and you will build high-quality links.

Your business will get more qualified leads because they trust your resources.

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