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YouTube Video SEO

YouTube SEO is much like or any other search engine and about choosing the right keywords, but added to that are factors like how many people click on your video and how long they watch, then if they continue to watch your videos or other videos on YouTube. If you get it right, you’re also going to appear in Google search, so that is also something you need to consider with the keywords you choose.


For keywords, make them unique between your videos and for the topics people are searching, placing them near the beginning of your title. Also following that up with a good description that repeats your keywords but in a slightly different way. You should be able to use Google Adwords for keyword research, but I’ve used third party keyword tracking tools that include auto complete results in the past.

Getting Clicks

Factors like clicks and views can be influenced by your title and also the thumbnail. You need an interesting picture and one or two ‘keywords’ that emphasise your points or maybe are contrary to the title or the point of your video. We can only give suggestions knowing titles/themes etc of individual videos, but you might find your own formula. Look at videos like the ones you want to make and see what the top ones are doing fort an idea.

View Time

How long people view your video is also important. I think nowadays 10 minute videos are the in-thing, but you need people to actually watch your videos and get a significant way through them, then watching other videos when they’ve finished yours. This is something you’ll see in your video analytics. You can see when people stop watching and once you have maybe ten videos, you might be able to see patterns of where people drop off. To judge this accurately, having a video format like: teaser>intro>content for example that you use in every video might be helpful to find patterns.

YouTube Algorithm Video

This video about the YouTube algorithm explains things really well and has great keywords in the title, description and even breaks up the video into sections.

This video by TubeBuddy is actually a great demonstration of best practice, so pay close attention to how they have written the description and split the video into sections. They develop browser extensions that help manage and optimise YouTube channels, so you’d think they know what they’re doing and we can learn from their videos.

Quotes From Social Media Comments

In today’s world where social media posts can go viral and give a platform to the original poster of the content, people who contribute meaningful responses to those posts also deserve credit for their contributions.

When we comment on a public forum, what we say could be seen by anyone. This is something we all need to bear in mind when making comments. At the same time, if we make an insightful or interesting contribution to something that goes viral, we deserve the opportunity to have our name and professional expertise mentioned wherever the news piece appears.

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Harnessing Your Inner Motivation for Business Success

Revealing the secrets of Harnessing Your Inner Motivation for Business Success to the Bay Area Content Marketing Meetup group this December was definitely the highlight of my year. With a 2020 that has left so many of us physically, emotionally and economically battered and bruised, I was glad to end it on a high.

Invited to speak at the Bay Area Content Marketing Meetup’s 98th event, I chose the topic of internal motivation. At a time when we are all probably seeking answers in a universe that doesn’t make any sense, it’s important to go back to the basics.

Answering the simple question ‘why?’ can help us move forward both in our personal life, and to solve complex business challenges such as new customer acquisition and defining a company culture. Lets see how all of that would work in the next few minutes.

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Work From Home: A New Standard

The recent Corona Virus outbreak has lead to a lot of organisations allowing people to work from home when previously they could not. Even in Japan, a country that values tradition and whose business tradition has been to work long hours in the office every day, has now been allowing more employees to work from home. Though adoption has been slow in comparison with the rate it happened in Britain.

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