AI Tools For Marketing

Using Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools in marketing really took off in 2023. Chat GPT took the world by storm and now every man and his dog seems to be using AI. The copywriting world has been up in arms, universities were scrambling to make sure they can detect AI submissions.

I suppose I’m one of the last holdouts, but I’ve never doubted the possibilities of AI. Rather, I don’t like the idea of relying blindly on tools, so I didn’t rush to make use of it. They say Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the future, so I finally decided to get a few AI tools and see what it was like to create with them.

How Will I Use AI?

I’ll use AI tools for some of my personal and business work to see how they perform in mostly basic tasks. Creating content outlines, exploring how possible it is to get decent full-length articles, writing social media posts and performing some SEO tasks like writing meta descriptions.

That will be the scope of this ‘experiment’ as you might call it. When it comes to client work, what I can share is limited. What I do share depends on the task and any confidentiality agreements I have with my clients.

This shouldn’t be taken as a head-to-head competition trying to be equally balanced between the AI in terms of features and how they work, but more on how the features work for me, then balancing what I NEED with the pricing structures. See it more as how a marketer just like you would use AI and adapt it to what they need over time.

It should be noted that AI is not appropriate for use with all clients in every context. Important intellectual property including trade secrets cannot be shared with AI in my opinion, given that we don’t know how such new knowledge will be used.

AI Tools

Here are the AI tools I’m taking a closer look at:

Perplexity AI

There is actually a slight favourite as I write this just based on how they’ve positioned themselves and my expected use of the tool. Which AI tool do you think will win out of the four I’ve highlighted?

This post will be updated little by little over time as I learn new things. This is not designed to be a comprehensive guide to using AI tools in Marketing which I’m sure you can find elsewhere.

Last updated 12/3/24