Best Email Marketing Software For Small Business

Discover the best email marketing software for small business you can sign up for and start sending emails with immediately.

Evaluated based on how easy it is to sign-up, how easy they are to use, how simple they make managing your data. This is an ongoing process as I will actually be using these products to grow new email marketing lists and evaluate their performance over time. I’ll revise this blog post with new information on how each email marketing software performs for small businesses.

best small business email marketing software


The biggest and best known name in email marketing really and you can’t go wrong with a Mailchimp account.

Especially good for volunteer organisations because it’s so easy to use and get set up. They also do allow you to import your pre-existing email lists, so you should be okay using your current set of contacts, unless they number into the thousands. In this case, they may prevent you from sending emails out to that list without further verification (£££?).

From free for 500 email addresses in your audience to about £300 a month for an unlimited list of contacts, it can scale from zero to whatever you need. Mailchimp is probably the best email marketing software out there simply because it allows you start with just one user and progress with reasonable price points along the way.

Check out Mailchimp here.


Don’t even bother with MailerLite because they’re extremely strict. Even after going through their lengthy sign-up process, you can still be rejected from using their platform. Appealing can take a day, which is reasonable, but then there is still no guarantee you’ll be allowed to send any emails.

On the plus side, their email delivery rates must be crazy good if they are so hot on preventing spam. I can’t personally confirm it, but the way they go about things suggests if you want almost guaranteed email delivery, this is the email provider for you. On the other hand, you never know when you might be banned for whatever reason and ultimately, if you can’t send emails for up to 24hrs, that can cost you hundreds of thousands of pounds as your email delivery rate during that time will be 0%.

Check out MailerLite here.


Mailjet is another email marketing provider with a long, strict process to sign up for an account and may require you to answer some of the same automated form questions again when a ‘person’, probably also automated, emails you to request more information to assist with verification.

I suspect MilerLite and Mailjet are using the same systems for email delivery. Given ‘I’ve had a very similar experience with both platforms on both the user and technical side, that seems to be the case.

Check out Mailjet here.


Klaviyo make it look nice and easy to sign up, then hit you with a questionnaire.

They make it easy to get started and everything seems to be right there and ready to use once you’ve confirmed your email address. You finally get signed up and yes, it works really well.

Great options are available for you with beautiful pre-made templates and the option to build your own. Klaviyo offer much more freedom to create than with most other software providers.

Check out Klaviyo here.


Zoho offers email marketing tools that you can integrate with other services they offer. Contact imports can be done from Mailchimp, WordPress, Paypal and others. You can start out with some of their pre-built templates to get you started and they even have a free plan.

Check out Zoho here.


As with most other email marketing options, you can start for free, but GetResponse are so confident in the quality of their product that you only get 30 days free before payment begins. £10.70 per month is the least expensive option, but for that, you also get an Artificial Intelligence (AI) email generator and AI campaign generator.

Perhaps not the best for the smallest of businesses, but if you already get some income from your email marketing, GetResponse could be worth a look.

Check out GetResponse here.

Pure 360

Not for the casual user and it come with a price to match that. I’ve used Pure 360 for small, rapidly growing businesses that relied on email marketing to get new leads and this software performs really well. Their support is good and they also provide enough templates for you to choose from.

Deliverability is always good with Pure 360 and they help you stay compliant with really easy to use shotcodes for unsubscribe links. It you don’t add an unsubscribe link in the body of any email template you use, they’ll automatically add that link to the bottom of your email outside the template. In this way, they ensure you both remain compliant with the law.

Check out Pure360 here.

Choosing Small Business Email Marketing Software

There are some things you need to consider when choosing an email marketing solution for your small business. A few of these software providers (Mailjet, MailerLite) place large barriers on smaller organisations. From what I’ve seen, I think their bread and butter are larger bulk senders of email that will pay them the big bucks. Small volume senders are a liability for them as they may feel small businesses could be less likely to be compliant with the law, leading to deliverability issues affecting all customers.

Some email marketing providers require some form of verification to allow higher volume sends, or add large contact lists. For me, providing your business registration number which proves there is a real business involved should be all that’s required. This demonstrates there are real directors who can be traced and face real consequences for breaching the law.

Best Small Business Email Marketing Software

The best email marketing software for small business is Mailchimp.

If you’re a small business, sole trader or small community organisation, go for Mailchimp, because they’ll take care of you and get you going with as little friction as possible.

As of 28/3/2024, they’re firmly at the head of the pack. They allow you to send emails with little barriers to entry and monitor your performance from there. That’s probably a major reason why Mailchimp has over 70% of email software market share.

A possible Alternative if you have a reasonable budget to spare, though not the best if you’re starting from almost zero is Pure 360.

Make sure email marketing is a part of your successful marketing strategy. I’m alwas happy to help.