IMI Truflo Marine Gain the Services of Theodore Bigby

IMI Truflo Marine front signIMI Truflo Marine, a Birmingham based manufacturing company with over 50 years experience of supplying ball valves for critical applications in the nuclear power and marine industries has recently gained the services of Theodore Bigby, significantly boosting their marketing efforts.

Theodore, who recently attained a Professional Diploma in Direct and Digital Marketing, will work as a sales and marketing coordinator, providing much needed assistance for the sales department while also taking a hands-on role helping IMI Truflo Marine to complete their transition to IMI’s new branding.

Operating from the same site in Witton, Birmingham since 1962, IMI Truflo Marine specialise in the design and manufacture of high integrity ball valves for various applications including nuclear power stations, submarines and surface ships.

Quality Valves for Nuclear and Marine Applications

The quality and durability of their marine and nuclear ball valves is something that IMI Truflo Marine are extremely proud of. There are valves in the UK’s Heysham 2 and Torness power plants that were installed 40 years ago and are still in service today.

In relation to marine applications, IMI Truflo Marine currently have over 120,000 valves in operation worldwide. Employees openly express pride that their valves help make sure submariners from over 24 navies across the globe return home safely because of their valves.

Truflo’s IMI Critical Engineering Re-brand

Truflo, as they were known up until 2014, are part of the international IMI group, a collection of engineering companies that work across varying industries. To create a unified image and emphasise the great work each company within the group does, the Birmingham based IMI plc decided to re-brand all companies and define group divisions along the lines of Hydronic, Precision and Critical, which is IMI Truflo Marine’s division.

The re-brand included changing all stationery, signs and uniforms. With these changes come the need to re-write many sales tools such as brochures and presentations. Theodore is currently in the final stages of verifying that all old branding has been replaced.

A Marketing Specialist to Move the Business Forward

Theodore’s primary role at IMI Truflo Marine is to conduct marketing activities which support the internal and external sales teams. He will lead macroeconomic and critical research on key marketsĀ  for defence marine and civil nuclear market research.

Providing key marketing insight into these areas will feed into his other marketing activities which include creating and updating brochures, datasheets and presentations used by IMI Truflo Marine’s sales teams to secure new business.

Theodore will also spend time writing and overseeing the creation of brochures, inserts, flyers, data sheets and contributions to IMI’s group magazine. After IMI Truflo Marine’s recent supply chain forum, which aimed to bring together its companies and end users for networking, improvement and recognition of the good work that is being done every day.

After a successful event, Theodore has been hard at work collating feedback and images in order to create a testimonial which showcases the good working relationships IMI Truflo Marine have created and continue to maintain.

Part of his secondary role is to book the sales team into international conferences and events, providing them with the equipment needed to showcase IMI Truflo Marine’s pedigree. Such equipment can include stands, displays, examples of valves components for display purposes, brochures and promotional giveaways.

Great Working Relationships and High Standards

“I love the atmosphere here at Truflo. The business is well organised and well structured” said Theodore. “It’s amazing how everything is so clean. I’ve never been anywhere that even the toilets are so clean.”

The reason for this should be attributed to the way they approach their work. IMI Truflo Marine is an organisation that really invests in lean organisation and management techniques, seeking continual improvement. This is something that matches very well with Theodore’s own outlook and his continuous pursuit of improvement. IMI Truflo Marine also has a strong family spirit, with every employee taking great pride in what they do.

Because IMI Truflo Marine work with a lot of materials with critical nuclear applications, conditions on the shop floor is clean, tidy and well organised. Equipment is regularly checked for safety and there is a constant effort on the part of all employees to keep improving standards.

The appointment of Theodore Bigby, a specialist marketer, is a great opportunity for IMI Truflo Marine as it continues its growth strategy along with IMI’s Critical Engineering group.

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