Marketing Preparation and Re-branding on Lean Implementation Day

IMI Truflo Marine recently held a lean implementation day during which everyone in the business takes the time out to engage in activities that will make their job more efficient. Such implementation days happen once a month and are part of IMI Truflo Mariner’s commitment to lean business management practices. This months activities were of particular note.

rubbish-removalLean implementation days are an opportunity for Theodore to improve things in the marketing department. This month, his efforts included completing a clearance and stock take of the exhibition room and helping to complete IMI’s re-branding of Truflo to IMI Truflo Marine, a member of its IMI Critical division.

The marketing cupboard was in need of an accurate stock take and organisation of its contents. Theodore completed the process and implemented a system for tracking the contents of the room including items for display, give-aways and sales literature. During the general tidy up of the room, he also discovered things useful in other parts of the business including health and safety signs that were put to use immediately.

replacement-branding-for-binsOnce work on the exhibition room was complete, he turned his attention to the shop floor. IMI Truflo Marine use large bins to collect swarf created from the machining process so that it can be sent to be recycled. Many of the bins still display the old Truflo logo which must be replaced with the IMI Critical divisional logo.

Although replacing the stickers is not necessarily a job for a marketing executive, Theodore sees the value in taking a front line role in marketing activities. “During a re-brand, it’s important to get everyone to buy into it” he said. With this in mind, he updated the branding on several of the bins, but was unable to reach others in the storage area. With help from members of the team who work on the shop floor, the rest of the logos will be changed as soon as the bins are used.

IMI Truflo Marine’s most recent implementation day was a great success for both the marketing department and the rest of the business.