Smart Summit London 2016

I attended Smart Summit London (Internet of Things exhibition) held on 21st and 22nd September 2016 at Kensington Olympia, London, to get a clearer idea of the kind of automated technology available and what marketing applications there might be for the Internet of Things (IOT).

As a marketer, I deal in data and how I can use that data to find new customers, or provide a better service for existing customers. The IOT provides a great opportunity to use data we as consumers create every day but don’t usually harness to provide us with real benefits. Continue reading Smart Summit London 2016

IMI Truflo Marine Valve Innovation Award

One of IMI Truflo Marine’s latest successes involves a knowledge transfer partnership with The University of Birmingham. News of this partnership was also on published on Truflo’s website but that website has now been shut down and re-directed to IMI Critical’s website.

The story of IMI Truflo Marine’s knowledge transfer partnership was about Dr Catalin Pruncu, the man who developed a revolutionary hard-seated ball valve for the company.

Dr Pruncu’s innovative valve has great applications for both the Nuclear and Marine side of the business, presenting great opportunities for the future. Continue reading IMI Truflo Marine Valve Innovation Award

IMI Eye Magazine Issue 4 Feature

I was really happy that my contribution ended up in the IMI Eye, IMI plc’s worldwide news magazine. There is a printed copy as well as a digital version which is seen and read by employees from all IMI divisions (Critical, Precision and Hydronic).

Theodore Bigby Featured in IMI Eye Magazine

This particular entry (linked to above) is from the 4th Issue on 4th February 2016 and was featured on the inside cover as a highlight. The story is about the Royal Navy’s Type 45 destroyer HMS Dragon. It was also featured on IMI Critical’s website and you can read that version here.

Engineering Technology and Innovation Exhibition Article Published

HMNB Portsmouth EventMarketing also encompasses face-to-face work with customers, not only telling people your message, it’s also about listening to customers and prospects to understand their needs, their goals, their wants and desires. An approach such as this always proves to be fruitful in the end as long as you put the new insights back into your marketing strategy. Continue reading Engineering Technology and Innovation Exhibition Article Published

IMI Truflo Marine Canteen Wallpaper Project

HMS Astute IMI Truflo Marine ValvesI succesfully designed and installed a display in the canteen for my company IMI Truflo Marine, coordinating the project from start to finish.

The primary reason for the project was to improve the atmosphere of the staff canteen and boost staff morale. IMI Truflo Marine had previously absorbed IMI Components just over a year previous to the project and the image needed to represent the latest evolution of Truflo Marine.

Continue reading IMI Truflo Marine Canteen Wallpaper Project

Marketing Preparation and Re-branding on Lean Implementation Day

IMI Truflo Marine recently held a lean implementation day during which everyone in the business takes the time out to engage in activities that will make their job more efficient. Such implementation days happen once a month and are part of IMI Truflo Mariner’s commitment to lean business management practices. This months activities were of particular note. Continue reading Marketing Preparation and Re-branding on Lean Implementation Day

Theodore Bigby Collects Professional Diploma in Direct and Digital Marketing