Why Most Companies Don’t Care About SEO

Don’t Care About SEO? Neither do most companies large and small. If you take the time to do even the basics, you’ll be able to compete with larger, more established names. Even if they don’t care about SEO, you care and that’s why you’re here, right?

Because most other companies and even big brands don’t care about SEO, If you care even a little about SEO, you’re ahead of the curve. So what do I mean when I say ‘care about’ SEO?

They Don’t Pay Attention To SEO

A lot of your rivals don’t pay any real attention to SEO. Most people in a business leadership position doesn’t really understand SEO. When we come across something we don’t understand, there’s a danger that we don’t pay enough attention to it because a level of fear surrounds it.

Most companies don’t pay attention to SEO because they don’t understand it.

Because the internet represents such a great opportunity, most business leaders know SEO is important. They’ve heard a little about how it can help them hit their growth targets, so a budget is assigned to it.

Often, an agency is brought in to handle SEO, but their work is not accountable. In most cases, the SEO agency will just supply a cookie cutter report every month. No insights, no review of actual work done. No value.

They Don’t Hire The Right Agency

Believe me, there are a lot of large companies out there that pay lip service to SEO and hire an SEO agency for tens or even hundreds of thousands of pounds a year, but often those agencies are just relying on the strength of their client’s brand to do the SEO work. They’re taking the money while not doing much in the way of SEO work.

Because even some of the highest reputation SEO agencies sometimes fail to do the basics, it’s important to have a partner that’s willing to be accountable. Set targets and receive insights with your monthly reports where your agency will advise you on the next move you should take.

If you can get a basic understanding of the principles of SEO, you will feel more comfortable discussing it. When you care about SEO, it’s something you take a active interest in and work on strategically. Have a look at these SEO resources to get you started.

They Can’t Handle SEO In-House

Handling SEO in-house is a great way to show your commitment to it. Despite their size, most large companies do not have any SEO capabilities in-house. The least they shpuld do is get some SEO consultancy, but most often they don’t.

The lack of in-house capabilities is what leads to hiring the wrong agency. One of the best ways to improve an organisation’s SEO is to have someone in-house who concentrates on SEO or building relationships between agencies and providers of marketing services.

If you can start SEO work in-house, that will set you up well to grow. You can start with one person to write content for your website, email and social media. Your content creator will be the best person to manage the transition to including outside service providers or help with the growth of your own team.

Do you prefer to hire an agency or handle everything in-house?