Best Email Marketing Software For Small Business

Discover the best email marketing software for small business you can sign up for and start sending emails with immediately.

Evaluated based on how easy it is to sign-up, how easy they are to use, how simple they make managing your data. This is an ongoing process as I will actually be using these products to grow new email marketing lists and evaluate their performance over time. I’ll revise this blog post with new information on how each email marketing software performs for small businesses.

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GreenGeeks Googlebot Restriction

This is how to avoid GreenGeeks restricting Googlebot’s access to your website. If Googlebot attempts too many connections to GreenGeeks servers, even the mighty Google will face restrictions so as to not overload it.

If you configure your own websites, starting with an empty root directory or are migrating from another server without these restrictions to GreenGeeks, this post will help you avoid indexing restrictions with Google.

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Artificial Intelligence In Marketing

This is my take on the Artificial Intelligence (AI) boom of 2023. Where are we now and where will the surge in AI usage mean for content writers in the future?

Chat GPT is only popular because regular marketers can feel clean about using it, as if they’re not spammers. AI/Machine learning/ automated content generation has been around for years. I remember there was an incredibly simple chat bot you could go to and talk to it about anything. I can’t remember its name, it was similar to something like SmarterChild.

The AI chat bot I’m thinking of used previous conversations it had with people to help it interact with your questions, making a conversation. But if you used it a lot, I remember the conversations getting a little stale and predictable. It seems ChatGPT is just a much better version of that bot.

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Web Producer

Web Producer is one the most essential roles in today’s competitive online space. It is one of the most enjoyable roles I’ve fulfilled during my time in marketing. Although not always titled as a ‘web producer’ per se, similar titles are webmaster, website administrator and even a marketing executive and marketing manager, since web producer duties are often pushed into those roles.

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Free SEO Consultancy Required

Anyone want to work for free? I guess the answer is ‘no’? how about asking someone to work for you without payment until a specific objective is achieved? With the recruitment industry, this is generally the case, but at least a candidate can definitely placed and we can all verify that.

In SEO, there can be no absolute guarantee of taking any website to the number one spot on a search engine.

Here in the year of our lord 2023, we have ‘business leaders’ asking people to work for them for free. Time is money.

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LinkedIn’s 2023 Opportunity

LinkedIn notifications 2023

LinkedIn needs to really get going with some new features and finding a way to attract more users to the platform. I strongly believe this is the year LinkedIn is going to step up to the plate and make it the undisputed sales marketing platform of choice.

Aren’t they already the number one? They’re the biggest social media platform that has positioned itself as social media for business, but businesses are on a lot of other platforms. Sales and marketing happens everywhere and LinkedIn is certainly not everyone’s first choice. I think they can make significant steps moving towards that goal.

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