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Marketing Team Development

Develop your own team and grow your business

Establishing and developing a marketing team is a great way for your business to grow. It allows you more oversight and quality control over the work that goes out. Another great benefit is that you can control turnaround times with greater accuracy, allowing you to be more agile.

A lot of business owners know they need to improve marketing to grow their business, but are unsure what that first step is or what the structure of their new marketing department should look like.

Working closely together, I’ll help you to understand specifically what you need to get started and put a plan in place to measure your progress for sustained growth.

Marketing processes will be optimised for your specific business to create standard operating procedures. You’ll also receive guidance on hiring the right candidates including job specifications and example interview questions.

Once you have the right hire for your business, I’ll be on hand to provide strategic support and any extra training your new marketing star requires.

Would you like to form a new marketing department that fits in with your overall business growth strategy? From planning the scope of the project to delivering your team complete with ISO compatible processes, I’ll be there to support you.


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