JETAAUK Japanese Lessons in Birmingham

Japanese lessonI recently completed a set of Japanese lessons which I organised in Birmingham on behalf of JETAAUK/ JETAAMidlands.

The class was attended by a mixture of beginners, intermediate and advanced students which could have presented a challenge for the tutor to keep everyone actively participating in the class.

The lessons worked because the was a focus on communication and more proficient students were willing to help less advanced members of the group.

Lessons were subsidised by the Japan Local Government Centre in London and the ex-JETs in attendance really enjoyed the lessons and found them to be a great way to get back into speaking Japanese after a long hiatus.
Japanese lesson
Organising the lessons proved to be a challenge with the need to balance a modest budget and find an appropriate venue. I tnhe end, the subsidised lesson model on which the lessons ran proved to be a successful one with students only contributing a minimal amount.

After the success of the lessons in Birmingham, JETAAUK hope to run another set of subsidised Japanese lessons in the future.

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