Marketing Qualifications

Institute of Direct and Digital Marketing
Postgraduate Diploma – Digital Marketing

The ultimate strategic look at marketing. Discover how to seek out the places your customers are, what they’re doing, what they want to do in the future and when they’re going to do it. This is the customer journey.

I could get a focused, marketing view of the buying cycle from start to middle, the turns in between, then the end. Well, if you’ve done a great job, the journey doesn’t have to end. It could loop back again, or even transfer to new customers because you’ve created brand advocates.

This digital marketing postgraduate diploma helped me connect and really make sure my thoughts were strategic. The strategic level is where you can make the biggest impact on a business.

Institute of Direct and Digital Marketing
Diploma – Direct and Digital Marketing

The IDM Diploma gave me a great insight into the tactical approach to marketing. I could fully understand how to run, track and report on campaigns effectively. The measurement side of included detailed guidance on how to calculate return on investment and order vales.

I came to realise that having knowledge is great, but it’s important to know how to apply that knowledge. Anyone can perform marketing tasks, but it takes a professional marketer to get the best results.

Most importantly, the IDM Diploma in Direct and Digital marketing appealed to my interest in proving theories using data. It focused my mind into a more business orientated manner.


Liverpool John Moores University
Bachelor of Arts, English

Critical thinking and creative writing were the main skills I developed during my time at JMU. The best thing about university is the access to millions of learning resources from sources worldwide.