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Move forward in your growth journey using these hand picked resources from the best voices in marketing and business management. You’ll get fresh ideas on not only how to grow your business, but also how to build on your proven leadership skills.

Resources are grouped by category and include websites, social media profiles and podcasts. I use Podcast Addict to listen and download podcasts on Android devices.

business growth resources

Business Growth

These resources focus on how to build and grow your successful business. You’ll also find advice on continuous improvement for yourself and your business.

excellent marketing resources

Marketing Excellence

With a focus on digital marketing, you’ll find the best sources on social media, content marketing and strategy as well as the best news outlets.

social media platforms

Social Media

Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram, Pinterest and others. Discover that works from industry leaders.

SEO resources


If you have a website, you need to make sure it’s found by your prospects. Here you’ll learn how to rank your website, what Google has up its sleeve and the latest in UX and UI from trusted industry sources.

Five Featured Resources

The five most important blogs, social media influencers, podcasts and books related to marketing and business that are top of mind for me right now. Updated around once every quarter.

1. Search With Candour

A weekly dose of search news from Norwich. Insightful, entertaining, right on the money.

2. How To Write A Good Advertisement

A great manual for anyone who writes copy to elicit a response from their audience. Is that everyone in Marketing? It starts off like a manual on how to write click-bait article titles, then progresses to showing you how each part of an advert is there to move the reader to the next part. The ultimate aim is to elicit action that drives revenue.

3. Side Hustle Pro

I’m catching up on episodes from earlier in the year but the content is evergreen, so feel free to go back to the start.

4. Experts on the Wire

Great insights into SEO which is my focus as we move into 2020 with my #GreatSEO2020 hashtag on Twitter.

5. Page 2 Podcast

Discussions on SEO life focussing on real practitioners in the industry. Hosted by Jacob Stoops and Jeff Louella.  

List last updated on 13/11/2020

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