LinkedIn’s 2023 Opportunity

LinkedIn notifications 2023

LinkedIn needs to really get going with some new features and finding a way to attract more users to the platform. I strongly believe this is the year LinkedIn is going to step up to the plate and make it the undisputed sales marketing platform of choice.

Aren’t they already the number one? They’re the biggest social media platform that has positioned itself as social media for business, but businesses are on a lot of other platforms. Sales and marketing happens everywhere and LinkedIn is certainly not everyone’s first choice. I think they can make significant steps moving towards that goal.

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Quotes From Social Media Comments

In today’s world where social media posts can go viral and give a platform to the original poster of the content, people who contribute meaningful responses to those posts also deserve credit for their contributions.

When we comment on a public forum, what we say could be seen by anyone. This is something we all need to bear in mind when making comments. At the same time, if we make an insightful or interesting contribution to something that goes viral, we deserve the opportunity to have our name and professional expertise mentioned wherever the news piece appears.

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