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Website Development

Reach and convert your target audience

Getting more relevant and highly targeted leads to your website and then converting them is what I do. I look at who is visiting you now, how they interact with your website and come up with a plan to bring you to the top of your industry.

Once your website is complete, I’ll run through how it all works at your pace. A sprint if you’re already comfortable with websites, a little slower if you’d like a bit more guidance. Alternatively, I can manage it all for you including adding blog posts that you have written.

I can also write blog posts from your notes, or create them all for you including finding the best topics your audience wants to read about.

Website Development Services

I offer several services related to website development. These services are open to anyone independent of my consultancy services. I’m happy to help startups and people with hobbies that want to get started with hosting, email marketing or even a small website.

Domain name

  • Use your own domain and point it to my server or your own hosting package (I’ll show you how)
  • I can buy a domain for you and set it up


  • Complimentary in the first year from the completion date of a new website
  • £20 a year for small websites
  • Cost based on monthly traffic for larger websites
  • Host your website with me on UK servers
  • US based hosting is available on request

My list of standard prices for starter websites can be found below.

Basic website package

Only £250

  • 1 Basic Website
  • One year free hosting
  • 8 pages, you provide the copy
  • At least one image per page*

Mid-range website package

Best value £399 £320

  • 1 Website
  • One year free hosting
  • 10 email addresses
  • 8 pages, you provide the copy, or if you provide an outline for the pages, I can write the copy**
  • At least one image per page*

Web standards

Making your website easy to use for you, your team and your audience, I use the latest in web technologies.


Track KPIs and develop your strategy to increase sales

Your new website will be ready to track your KPIs right out of the gate. By default, they come with Google’s suite of tools and tracking code, but you can chose the package you’d like me to implement.

Google Analytics
Google Search Console
Google AdWords
Bing Webmaster Tools

Build your email list with your website

I can help you get results from your email marketing and I’m experienced in using several providers. For those starting out, I’d recommend you use Mailchimp.

Pure 360

If you’d like me to handle your email marketing, I currently do this using MailChimp.

Promote your content

Once you have your website, you can use social media scheduling tools to promote it.


Press releases such as PR Web, and PR Fire are also great when used as part of an integrated marketing (promotion) strategy.

*Images will be from royalty free sources and/or labelled for reuse in a Google images search, unless you provide images you’re authorised to use

** If you know what you need, but not how to write it, I’ll do it for you from your notes. I offer two free revisions of the copy for each page.

Website Development and Management

Tips, hints, tactics and thought leadership around website development and management.

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